Sneak Peek for Miss Siofra

Just a quick sneak peek for Miss Siofra’s family, from this little charmer’s christening last weekend.

Thanks, Uncle Conor for inviting me and to the family for having me share such a special ocassion.


Sneak Peek! Miss Aoife

I met the very lovely Ms Aoife this morning with her mum (dad made a quick appearance) at their home and what a little charmer she was! Such a sweetheart, she was very patient with me and even gave us a smile or two. Am i getting broody or what? ­čÖé

As promised, here are a few photos for mum and dad.

Thank you for having me over, it is always a great privilege to share in welcoming a new baby.

Happy Belated Easter or appropriate chocolate eating holiday…

My princess.

I have been very naughty for neglecting my blog of late. Life seems to get in the way of things sometimes, right? ­čÖé Easter passed before I noticed and only have the chocolate stains to show for it. Whatever you celebrate, I hope you avoided the chocolate coma. Happy belated Easter!

Sweet cheeks

Everyone say, “Aaaaaaaahhh”. Talk about sweetcheeks. I had the privilege of spending a quiet hour with this angel and he was such a sweetheart. It’s been a very busy week and I am nearly nodding off in front of the computer as we were in Belfast today to attend Helen Bartlett’s very excellent seminar on children’s portraiture at Calumet. Helen was so enthusiastic and kept us rapt with attention for almost 6 whole hours! If you have a chance to attend one of her seminars, I highly recommend it.

I will love you and leave you with this short post but check in again soon!

Shiny Happy People

Squee! Forgive the giddiness. I baked ALL afternoon. Total sugar high, which explains why I am up editing after midnight. I baked brown soda bread, a spotted dick, a low fat cheesecake and a full fat sugar laden chocolate cake. None of which I have eaten (only partly true) because I sent them up to the in laws for a dinner party tomorrow. ­čÖé

Now, I normally take a day or two after a shoot before I start processing photos so that I can look at them with a fresh eye but I couldn’t resist going through a few photos from today’s shoot with the Fahey’s. They were such a lovely family and so easy going. The girls were great and so full of energy! Thank you so much for a fun morning and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. Here are a few for your sneak peek.

Look at those baby blues.

As you can see, it runs in the family!

Kisses from daddy.


Thanks again and check in again soon!

Hey Lil’ Ray

Lil’ Ray, who is not so little anymore is one of the many cousins Gabriella finally met while we were away. What a heartbreaker, hey?

So I’m back! I am still “recovering” from the worst ever jet lag so forgive me if I’m a little bit incoherent. We had a wonderful time and I have quite a bit to sort out and edit so this is a small start. I can’t wait to get back into the swing of things but it might take me a few days. To everyone who’s been in touch while I was away, thanks for your patience and I’ll be in touch soon. Apologies for those still waiting for proofs, the elves and I are working round the clock!

It’s a new day…

It’s a new life! And i’m feeling good. ­čÖé Happy New Year everyone.

I don’t mean to start the year with a cliche but I was listening to Muse to herald in the new year. I hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable NYE and that 2009 fills your life with joy.

This is just a quick follow up for Sam, et al. I didn’t mean to leave Murphy out of the last post but as i said, internet issues. So to make up for it, he has a post all to himself to mark the start of a great year! ­čÖé Happy 2009.

Ruby, Ruby, Ruby, Ruby….

As promised, here is a sneak peek for the Couzen’s family. The session was an anniversary gift for Sam and Paul’s parents’ RUBY anniversary! Bernie and Kate were such a lovely couple and I was asking them what their secrets were, I mean 40 years! How awesome is that? I had a great time and I hope they did too. Thank you for letting me share such a special event with your family.

Now, I am still sorting and editing photos from the session and unfortunately, I am having MEGA issues with my internet. I can’t upload anything without big dramas so I can’t put up as many photos as I’d like. But I will persevere. Check back again soon!


Birthday Post!

how can i resist that grin?

Just a quick post to mark my birthday! Yay for me! ­čÖé I hope everyone has a had a wonderful Christmas break, i’m sure you’ve all had your turkey quota for the year. I’m busy busy busy with all the family, my mom is here for Christmas which is fantastic and also with editing a few different things which I promise will be up in the next few days. There are a couple of sneak peeks coming up so keep checking in. We had a lovely relaxing day yesterday visiting friends and a new baby and of course I couldn’t resist, so i’ve left you with a few!

And a great big heart felt thanks for all the lovely birthday greetings from across the globe! ­čÖé

Season’s Greetings!

All my very best wishes to everyone for the holidays, whatever it is you might celebrate! I’ve so enjoyed everyone’s comments since I’ve started my blog and it’s been a great start for me so thank you so much to all my new and regular visitors. I don’t know if this is my last post of the year as I might update during the lull between Christmas lunch and Christmas dinner while we’re trying to digest all that turkey, just to start all over again. I wish you all your heart’s desires and may 2009 be a better and brighter year for all!

*BG papers by Shabby Princess

Mini mommy

So titled because I nearly fell off my seat when I saw this little munchkin. She is the spitting image of her mommy. Such a sweetheart to boot. It was just a mini session but we had so much fun and I hope we have a good few keepers for the family to enjoy! Thanks girls!